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Oil change and routine inspection

Oil change and routine inspection

Oil is vital to your engine’s life and performance. It makes parts run cooler, preventing energy loss and engine deterioration. It also combats rust and corrosion while acting as a seal space between the piston and cylinder. Oil additives also remove impurities and sludge, clean existing deposits and prevent damage.

Oil is cheap, engines are expensive.

Today’s engines, especially those with turbo compressors, are extremely complex and require lubricants of a particular viscosity that contain specific additives and detergents that break down over time.  If not changed regularly, sludge can build up and wear you seals and engine. 

At Fairview Tire AutoPro, an Oil change includes a quality filter, OEM recommended oil and a 30-point inspection of your vehicle.  We recommend following your vehicles manufacturer schedule for lube, oil and filter but also highly recommend that you go by kilometers if you are a high mileage driver.

Ask us about your vehicle’s manufacturer maintenance schedule.

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